Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yugioh Episode 13: Bakura Vs Yugi (Duelist Kingdom)

This is the first appearance of the spirit of the millenium ring. He took control of Bakura and sent Yugi and his friends to the shadow realm. His plan was to gain possession of the millenium puzzle. Just before the evil spirit could get his hands around it, the spirit of the millenium puzzle (Atem "The Pharoah") gained control of Yugi's body.

During this duel, everyone whose soul was cast out of their bodies were placed into their favorite cards. Even their counterparts, Yugi Moto (Dark Magician) and Bakura Ryo (Change of Hearts) were apart of this duel. Tristin Taylor (Cyber Commander), Joey Wheeler (Flame Swordsman), and Tea Gardner (Magician of Faith) where Yami Yugi's side in this duel, and Bakura Ryo turned on the evil spirit to save everyone.

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